In the event of a fire, burglary or natural disaster, would you be able to recall from memory everything you own in your home? Would you be able to provide proof of ownership and value to substantiate your insurance claim? After the fact can be a challenging time to reconstruct this information. Don't wait until it's too late! Contact us today for a free consultation! Be PROACTIVE, not reactive!



Let us introduce ourselves. We are Steve and Amy Jones. Together we have a combined 40 years of prior experience in law enforcement ranging from patrol, traffic division, burglary/theft, and more. We have both personal and profession experience with devastation.

When Amy was 10 years old her home was a total loss due to a house fire. Needless to say this created a stressful, hardship for their family. The insurance company required specific itemization of the loss down to underwear. Many items were not accounted for as it's near impossible to recall every item.

Let us help you prevent extra losses during the event of a fire, burglary or natural disaster. Be PROACTIVE, not reactive.

Serving Hamilton County, TN and surrounding areas. 




Survey of your home reviewing with you the items that should be documented. We recommend in all rooms. This plan comes with exterior and interior photos and video of the property. The customer will be provided with a USB with the info on it. The info will be stored on a secure network for 1 year. Every year afterward there will be a charge of $25.
Price starts at $175.00 for 2000 sq ft home. Price for larger homes varies.


Everything that is in the basic package is included along with documenting serial numbers, appliances, furniture and other items with serial numbers. The information is entered into a data base, which you will receive in a PDF along with the video and photos. Receipts and documents can also be scanned. All items with be put on 2 USB's. One for storing at a different location.  
Price starts at $250.00 for 2000 sq ft home. Price for larger homes varies.


Everything included in all the other packages are included in this one. This package includes documenting collectibles, such as guns, coins, stamps, etc. 
Price starts at $435 for 2000 sq ft home. Price for larger homes varies.



.According to the FBI a burglary strikes every 25.7 seconds in the US. That adds up to more than 2 burglaries every minute and over 3,300 burglaries per day. 
According to nfpa.org, more than 27% of reported fires occurred in homes. During the five year period US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 354,400 home structures fires per year. 
According to AON and NOAA in the US there were $14 billion dollar weather disasters in 2019.



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